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Massive Bread or Dead VR Content Drops!

Here's what you've missed in the last 3 updates in

BoD Bread or Dead VR on Steam #pcvr

With the Beta 23 release on January 29th, we were really excited to get some awesome new firearms into players' hands. Along with the 140+ other firearms we now have - the M1 Modern, M37 sawed-off shotgun, a bow and arrow, and cool new specialty ammo types like AP, tracers, and ratshot. We improved the bolt-action and Luger animations with some nice polish too. On the quality of life side, we made the grappling gun purchasable, overhauled the door breaching system, and added some neat new light sources like the nightlight, work light, and a zippo lighter.

Then Beta 24 on February 18th was a massive content drop! So many new weapons like the classic Brown Bess musket, modern SCAR-H, crazy Chainsaw Gun, and Arcade mode guns. Revamping the entire attachment system was a huge undertaking. Remodeling fan favorites and introducing all the new bread-themed foods and enemies like the Big Bun, Baguette man, Michael Ryers was a blast. Marauder AI behavior has been significantly improved. We even found time to remaster some music tracks!

Most recently with Beta 25 on March 4th, we focused on giving players a real lived-in home base. Adding sickness mechanics, pills, bathtub, bed, day/night cycle and more really brought the safehouse to life. Opening up the creepy new Catacombs map area gave explorers new territory to exterminate deep inside the French ossuaries. We expanded weapon customization with attachments for the P-90, Luty, ASVAL and others. We threw in new undead types like the bread-armored zombie. Plus the full body avatar, bullet tracing settings, and various fixes cleaned things up nicely.

We did have to quickly follow up with a small March 7th patch to address some balancing issues reported, add more Catacomb loot, and squash a few saving/loading bugs. But overall, we're really proud of fleshing out so many areas of the game in recent months!

Join the Discord to playtest, give suggestions, report bugs, and find out the latest on BoD VR.



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