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What We Do

Here at WOO studios we encourage each other to up our skills, think just outside the box, and create fun experiences. We are a father and son who work primarily in Unreal Engine designing virtual reality games, experiences, museums, art, simulations, and anything else that strikes our fancy. WOO Studios strives to grow, solve problems, stay on the cutting edge, and make some really cool stuff.  Located on Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vt., directly across from the HULA campus. Stop by and say hi on the DISCORD or catch us every Saturday on YouTube (yeah that's really us).

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Some other projects we are currently working on.

VR Museums

A quick look at work we are doing on a virtual reality museum for Vermont artists.

Other Releases



Amid a brutal pandemic stands one doctor saving the world one mask at a time.

Gather PPE and then clean up with hand sanitizer, carbon filters, self isolators, vaccines,

and most importantly make sure everyone is wearing a mask. If that won't do it then they

may need to be quarantined. Defend the hospital, cruise line port, and airport against

anti-maskers and make them dance when they get healed. We made this game to pass

the time during the lockdown and to hopefully express our humble thanks and gratitude

to all essential workers, but especially our Doctors and Nurses.

Shark Life

Ever wonder what it's like to:

  • Make kinetic shark art in a Shark Museum for sharks

  • Stuff 250 sharks into a box

  • Swim against another shark

If you said yes, then say hello to SHARK LIFE!!!

Check it our here


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