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BREAD OR DEAD VR 25 New Guns, 15 New Zombie Sets, New UI, New Camp Survival Mode in Latest Beta Updates

New Features in the Latest BoD BREAD OR DEAD PCVR Zombie Shooter Devlogs

John has been hard at work adding tons of new content and improvements. Here's a rundown of some of the biggest additions over the past couple version updates:

New Guns

- M16A1 assault rifle

- Schofield revolver

- Laser Pistol and Laser Assault Carbine

- Laser Shotgun

- G3 battle rifle

- Deagle 44 magnum revolver

- Mosin M38 rifle

- Modular gun system

- Mp5/G3 slapping mechanic

- New stanag magazine set

- Resized G3SAS and Martini-Henry rifles

- PPK pistol

- Stoeger sawn-off shotgun

- Fort-500 revolver

- Nagant revolver

- BFR revolver

- Colt New Frontier revolver

- Ruger Blackhawk revolver

- KAR-98 bolt-action rifle

- Saige-12 semi-auto shotgun

- CAWS shotgun

- MP-9 submachine gun

- SVD Dragunov sniper rifle

- Micro Uzi submachine gun

- M16A4 assault rifle

- Tactical 870 pump shotgun

- MP-28 submachine gun

- Multishotty shotgun

New Zombies

- Crawler zombie set

- Zombie health bars

- Increased saw zombie damage

- Helmet zombie set

- Bulletproof zombie set

- Military zombie set

- Metal armor zombie set

- WW1 zombie set

- WW2 zombie set

- Zombie with tool

- Egyptian zombie set

- French zombie set

- Medical zombie set

- Bread or Dead fanboy

- Even faster zombie

- Infected zombie set

- The Com-Bread zombie set

- Breadrauder

- WW1 Marauder

- WW2 Marauder

- Military Marauder

- Re-added physics to zombies

Gamemodes and Maps

- New rural house camp survival mode

- Confined sandbox mode to the test map, gun range, compound, and biscuit target practice

- Added shine effect to weapons in arcade mode

- Added spaceship effect to arcade mode

- Fixed issues with tech tree mode on Favela and French Village maps

- Fixed lighting and collision issues in the Catacombs map

- Removed stray fire in French Village map

- Fixed broken hangar collision in French Village map

- Added barrier to arcade mode

- Added tutorialization to Take & Hold menu

- Removed janky machine guns from USA tower defense

And Much More!

- Body armor added

- New "Character" system added

- Classic, World Wars, Postwar, Modern, Spaceage, Left 4 Bread, Breadon Briocheman, Over-The-Counter-Slice, Max Marauding, Joke characters added

- A myriad of bugs fixed

- Lighter gun weights

- Fixed melee damage issues

- Music option added

- Varied spawning added

Whew! That's a lot of amazing new additions over just a couple devlog updates. The development team continues to impress with frequent new content and improvements to this incredibly expansive VR shooter sandbox. We can't wait to see what's coming next! #pcvr #backrooms #fanart #indiegamedev #vr #virtualrealitygames #SteamVR #unrealengine

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