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First Zombies and now Marauders in CampHoldoutMode for the game BREAD OR DEAD VR


So you spent all day patching up your perimeter. You've nailed and screwed in several pieces of corrugated tin, put all the barriers back in place, installed new zombie alarms, added your solar panels for a little power, and you've got plenty of flares to call in supplies if you need it. You've made a couple PB&J sammies to help get you through the night when the hoardes of zombies start to feed. But, as afternoon rolls around and you get an uneasy feeling like you're being watched. You push the bolt forward and look down your Mosins' iron sights. You scan the perimeter from your tower and there he is...a marauder. Now the daytime is just as dangerous as the night. In the new Beta17 update you have a whole host of new threats that can happen anytime day or night, including:

- Knife marauder quietly hunts you down

- Sniper marauder takes shots from outside the perimeter

- Machinegun marauder well that's kinda obvious, huh

- Operator marauder gets tacticool on you with her AK

- Infantry marauder loves his m1 Garand and isn't afraid to use it to get some jam

As if that weren't enough of a massive update, you will also recieve, free of charge these great items: Mag-7 shotgun

Ruger 10-22 rifle

1894 marlin lever gun

Colt single action army

Martini Henry rifle

Camp survival gamemode

Added crafting bench

Revamped museum map

Fixed m2 browning machinegun auto fire bug

Fixed bugs with td gamemode

New gun sounds


Bread Or Dead VR

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