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Two More Major Updates Out Now!

One of the great things about being involved with an Early Access game is that you get to see and test all the new stuff as it comes out. We take this idea to the next level! Our community loves this and we think you will too. Two more MAJOR updates in less than 8 days! Get over to STEAM and check out the new stuff for yourself! Incredible execution by the CTO John who does all the heavy technical lifting. Here is John's last two devlogs: Wed, March 8 V. 2.50New features for 3/8/2023 Hello BrVRers! Today is the 50th major update of BrVR since launch, hooray. Added Level 7 as a beta preview Level 7 has been a favorite level of many since we first added it, however, it's time for a change! If you want to experience the new level 7, head to the gallery. It's way in the back, past level 5 classic. This new version features a not-so-friendly fish named tiny. There are several layers to the level, and even a couple of secrets. It's still a work in progress, so we put it in the gallery. The tiny jumpscare is still on, even if you have entities off. This will be patched soon Replaced the Frontrooms Apartment with a much more modern one We love our old frontrooms apartment, it's quite nice, and it's served us well. However, like level 7, it's time for a change. So, we changed it to a modern apartment. We still have the same TV, gallery, glove skins, and vault area. However, some things have been massively improved, like the vault being in a basement, the avatars being in the closet, and there being a grabbable camera. New spider entity So, you think we already have spiders, having the level 8 jumpers, mama spider, yellow spiders, papa spider, and crawlers? Well, we have a new addition to the spider family of products arachnids. These ones jump high, and attack big. Imagine the level 8 jumpers except they don't attach to you, jump higher, deal more damage, and move faster. Not to mention, they have more health and look exactly like the yellow spiders from afar. Only in level 2! Added a grab point to the mk3 rifle Ever wanted to hold it by the magazine? Well, now you can! Added a grab point to the mac-11 Ever wanted to hold it by the magazine? Well, now you can! coughs Added a new item, headphones Found in the new frontrooms apartment, the headphones play a sped-up version of the BrVR trailer music. It kind of sounds like d&b music, very unusual. Added walls to the arena level 10 map Just short walls, nothing big. The map itself is still very open and easy to navigate, and more fun than the original. Added a halo effect to level 24 and changed the cliff color The sun casts rays down onto the level, and it looks quite nice. The individual rays are separate as well. This effect has been applied to levels 11 and 1020 as well. Added a few new sections to level RUN The speedrun wars on our discord server are back on! Many new sections have been added like a sideways area and a rock-falling section. In one section, there are bumps in the ground, adding verticality. Added a version of the gatekeeper shotgun with a foregrip This feels great to handle for sure. Truly a gangsta gun, and probably the final version of the gatekeeper we'll be adding. Improved optimization on levels 201, The END, and 20 We have hopefully cleared up all lag on levels 201 and The END. 20 is much better, but can still get jittery at times. We hope to have 20 cleared of lag soon. Redid level 2.1 More props, better lighting, and a more defined exit are all features of the new level 2.1. It's still in the same spot though as the last update. Redid the subscriber/booster/Patreon wall The subs wall has grown so much, that now it's too big and unorganized to understand. So, we added headings, and we separated the text into chunks, Reduced the density of level 10's wheat and fog This level not only looks better but is less laggy in some spots! Now you can see the sun beating down on you while you play a game of checkers with the gluff (I wish that was a thing) The mac-11 is now an open bolt weapon I'll just put it plain and simple, this one is embarrassing. Somehow, we hadn't recognized that it is an open bolt weapon this entire time. The Mac-11 was the first weapon in the game, released in 1.0. Not sure how this slipped by us for over a year. Changed the bullets inside of the 1911 magazine to look better Paul and I were getting tired of literal cylinders, so now they're replaced with actual 45 ACP bullets in the magazine. New grenade sounds The sounds for pulling the pin and the boom have been improved, as well as it now plays a blood sound effect for each entity it kills. That's it for this week, we'll be back next week with some more craziness. Explosive craziness! evil laugh hahahahaha MORE ABOUT THIS GAME 2 Rate Up 0 Discuss Share

REGULAR UPDATEPOSTED Fri, March 3 V. 2.49New features for 3/3/2023 V. 2.49 is here! After some hard drive issues, we're back. So, here are the patch notes! Combined the flashlight and laser into one attachment A better model, made by david7s on, plus double the power! You can press on the attachment with your index finger when it's on a weapon to cycle modes. You can have the flashlight on, the laser on, or both. Expanded and improved level 26 Still a work in progress, but level 26 has many more lights now. Also, the concrete rooms have been expanded and there are more entities in the level overall to fit the "entity infestation" classification on the wikidot. New gun sounds The revolver now has a new firing sound, and the 870 has a new pump + firing sound! This makes them much more satisfying to shoot. Tech tree tutorial Self-explanatory, tech tree arena mode now has a tutorial. Also, the buttons highlight themselves when they are buyable. Level 17 new area Start looking around and you'll eventually find a new area, a warehouse-like area. There's also a rare firearm in there, all the more reason to explore it. Some interesting and suspicious boxes in there too... Level 19 new areas Level 19 has gotten an upgrade. Instead of it being a straight shot to the exit, it now has many ways to the exit, including a reviook "minefield". Level 19 also has gotten a few new large rooms with many hanging lights. New no-clip-a-matic doors New door pictures for levels 27, 28, 31, 41, 201, 233. 297, 571, 1020, arena, and fanrooms New decals Thanks to Bidofut, we have a new decal for level fun. Beedo is the cute lil guy depicted in the decal. This has also been added to the fanrooms. Added a variant of the gatekeeper with a stock We had the model laying around and decided to put it in, pretty much the same as the regular gatekeeper except for hand positions. Added cloth simulation to the mac-11 Mac-11's on the floor won't have this, but as soon as you pick them up, the cloth will always point downwards. AND MANY SMALL CHANGES What's to come? You can check that out here: We also take suggestions on our discord here: Over there we like to have FUN =), you can even get a shop in-game like the ones mentioned today (no real money)

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