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The STEAM Winter Sale is on

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

The Winter STEAM Sale is here and we are looking to add new faces to our ever-growing BrVR family so we are cutting the low price of $5 in half so you can get in on all the Backrooms Virtual Reality action before the price increase when we drop our full release. Since the November STEAM sale, the game has come a VERY long way. So if you haven't played in a while you might not recognize it. As we get closer to a full launch the game gets more exciting, feature-rich, and more polished, with more items, more levels, and more entities. Our community continues to grow by leaps and bounds with our Discord and Youtube channels continuing to reach levels we never dreamed of. The new version of the game also includes access to the new beta PC Mode see details below.

Here is a list of the major features we have added since the Sale on November 22, 2022. See the full list on our STEAM Devlogs here.

Added a massive Frontrooms city with stores and other exciting features

Added level 28 Stormstone Keep

Added Level 233 A Pool-Themed Mall

Added Level 41 The Sewers

Added level 297 Wanderers Rest

Added two new sub-levels to Level 94 Motion

More expansive and upgraded BNTG trader's vault

Added the Exit Radar item to help find exits

Added the PPSH 41 sub-machine gun

Added new weapon BAR Browning Automatic Rifle LMG

Added new weapon Thompson Machine Gun with drum mag

Added Boxes of Ammo which give you more ammo in a single pickup for each caliber

Added a gun jamming mechanic for the more OP weapons

Lots of balancing, interpolation, and mechanics improved with all weapons

Added new entity Forklift Jockey which are Skin Steelers driving forklifts

Added new entity Megagoer a large beastly Partygoer

Added new entity T34 Tank also driven by Skin Steelers

Hounds were given a 1 in 10 chance of jumping at you when attacking

Revamped the Liquid Brewer and added more recipes

Added tubs of food like Royal Rations, Hound Meat Stew, Liquid Pain Soup, Food Scraps

Added a Fork item to eat with and bowls to scoop with and hold food

Added 6 new menu options

Added a VHS filter as an option for players and streamers

Added new green room for streamers

Added a new Radio Backrooms broadcast with Radio Ralph accessed on the radios

Added Custom Audio channel to access your .mp4s in the game files via the in-game radio

Upgraded lighting, textures, materials, post-processing, optimization, geometry, etc.

100's of bug fixes!!! Thank you Discord Bug Finding Ninjas!!!

We have opened access to our Beta PC Mode as a bonus when you buy the VR version.

You can access it via the STEAM beta named Screenmode and use the password screenmodenew

So, if you own the VR version, you also get access to the PC MODE. It is currently just a walking sim with limited functionality, but the updates will be coming fast and furious as is usual for us.

Thank You BrVR Family for all your support!!

Happy Holidays,

John and Paul

Woo Studios

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