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One of the first apps we developed was called LOUDRx. We developed it for a friend and partner who was diagnosed with Parkinson's; it turned out to be a much worse disease called MSA. The first of three apps under that umbrella was LOUDer which helps remind people to speak up as "trailing off" is a common problem with Parkinson's. The second app was for doing daily facial exercises in to the camera and utilized machine learning to help with the exercises. The third app also let you practice your speech and trailing off at home using an Alexa style device with ML to detect tremor data in the voice. The app was going to be full featured and even gamified while collecting data via a necklace/bracelet. We were ultimately trying to gather the worlds largest data set of normal versus Parkinson's patients in hopes of helping to find a cure. Groups could join and do walks while picking up augmented reality prizes and could share as much or as little of their gate and tremor data as they wanted. They could even monetize their data, but would be subjected to more rigorous testing and personal information gathering. We were also trying to prove that our data was valuable and could be aggregated, bought, sold, and given away for the good of all. We had working prototypes for all three apps and created all the marketing, but our partner was unable to move forward do to the illness and we were unable to secure funding to proceed.

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