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John's Latest Weekly Update to BrVR

The BrVR Backrooms VR game received a new update on 10/13/2023 with several optimizations, new areas, and gameplay tweaks. Key changes include:

  • Expanded siderooms and parking garage area in sublevel 1

  • Atmospheric changes to level 7 with darker spawn, louder tape, and skeletons returned

  • LODs added for optimization

  • Tick optimizations for better performance

  • Level 1 optimizations closer to completion

  • New openings and halls in Level 0 for more variety

  • Removal of blocking vent at Level 0 start

  • Memorial change from Ice Cat to Basil

The update focused on expansions, optimization, and improvements to existing areas and gameplay for an enhanced overall experience. #vr #vrgaming #zombie #pcvr #gamedev #unrealengine #SteamVR

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