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Infinite Level 0 is here!

John's Magic Touch on Procedural Generation is a Game Changer!

John's fifth iteration of the algorithm for infinite procedural generation is an absolute triumph! Now, in addition to our colossal Level 0, you can seamlessly no-clip into an extensive domain that's generated on the fly. The same treatment is gracing Level Fun and the brand-new Level 19! If you are anything like me, the thrill of seeing a fresh update to your beloved game is unparalleled, and with such enticing weekly additions, it’s a gamer's paradise.

John invests nearly 4 hours meticulously packaging BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality for deployment, followed by another 45 minutes to have it available on STEAM. We love spoiling our dedicated players and Discord community with exhilarating new content week after week. So, gear up and dive into the endless wonders of the latest updates! By the way, we do all this and another game we recently started called bread or dead. A VR undead shooter called BREAD or DEAD.

Check out the entire Devlog here:

Here is a summary of just the last 4 weekly updates. Amazing job John! REGULAR UPDATE POSTED Mon, July 3 V. 2.66 (Infinite level 0 special)New features for 7/3/2023 Hello BrVRers! Some big changes today knocking features off the roadmap! - Added infinite level 0 There's an exit to the normal level 0 with extra particles that used to lead to level 1. Now, this exit leads to an infinite, random area with all of the staples of the original backrooms. No entities, just your fears (we may add some in the future though). This infinite area has 3 biomes that can spawn randomly. The first is level 0.2, a fancier version of level 0. Second is the atrium, a taller area reminiscent of some *art*. Third is the expanse, reminiscent of the area from the normal level 0 locked behind a no-clip wall. In addition to those biomes, there are other areas that can spawn randomly like red rooms, rooms with lockers, rooms with radios, and more. Lots to explore! - Added loading screen tips These are on by default, however can be turned off in the gameplay settings at the very bottom. The tips themselves are trivia from the MEG about all kinds of things. There are 15 in total. - Wiped any reference of the backpack in the tutorial The backpack is now fully an unlockable and isn't referenced any longer in the start area of the tutorial. - Ammo maker improvements The ammo maker on level 1 now has improved proportions, a larger screen, black powder and firesalt, and all kinds of other small UX improvements. In addition, an empty magazine now spawns with the ammo. - Sandbox hub revamp More trims, lights, and an all-out graphical redo for the MEG base there.

REGULAR UPDATE POSTED Sun, June 25 V. 2.65New features for 6/25/23 including INFINITE random generation! All kinds of cool stuff today including INFINITE RANDOM GENERATION! -Added a party round for the bazooka The bazooka has a party round now found in level FUN. It spreads confetti and kills anything that it hits, however it travels quite slow and doesn't have splash damage. -Added trims to level run These trims on the bottom and top of walls really add a lot to the level's look and feel! In addition, some more stuff has been added to the walls. -Added more props and drains to the poolrooms The poolrooms will look fresh with more elements of vaporwave architecture like roman columns. Plus, drains are now a thing. Ever wondered why the top room is dry? Well now you have an answer. -Added 3 new songs One song is for the BNTG base railway, one is for the elevator, and the last is for the Newton J Adams Realtor Company on level 9. That song was also featured in a partnership video with TAM. You can view the channel here: -Revamped the Beverly room This room in level 5 now has trims, baseboards, a better coffered ceiling, better lighting, and more subtle improvements. Being the main "Vista" of the level, it should look the best it can look. -Revamped level FUN An infinitely generated level with all kinds of props and content. Some small changes to the partygoer spawning has been made, and the party poppers are currently inoperational. -Revamped level 19 Also an infinite level! The new level 19 is so much better and has all kinds of attic-y stuff like boxes, crates, and storage. There's also commonly insulation around. A beneficial thing about the infinitely generated levels is that they have biomes, this level has 2. One is a metal beam area, and the other is an area with a bunch of pillars and no insulation. -Revamped the Terror Hotel Casino Pretty much the same changes as the Beverly room redo. There are now trims, a coffered ceiling, and more detail pieces. -Revamped the end of level RUN The end of level RUN got a redo! The room is more red, with actual hospital props instead of just floating beds. -Revamped level 62 This revamp adds more trees, fences, benches, grass, and shrubs. More streetlights are also present in front of the house. The barn model from the entrance to level 62 in level 37 has been added near spawn. -Improved the m79 and china lake Previously, it was nigh-impossible to hit anything with them. Not any longer! -Swapped the shell eject directions on shotguns to be more realistic Self-explanatory -Added a casino chris sports card to the frontrooms IT'S A DONNNNRUUUUSSS SKIN STEALER ROOKIE CARD! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? IT'S GOT THE POSSIBILITY OF FUTURE VALUE, SO ALLOW YOURSELF TO AFFORD THIS OPPORTUNITY! LOOK, MORE SKIN STEALER CASINO CHRIS WAX PACKS!!! THIS IS THE BACKROOMS MEMORABILIA BLOWOUT GANG! RIP Don West, 1963-2022 Alright, that's a wrap for today, I hope you enjoy these changes! Don't forget to leave a review with your thoughts, it helps us more than anything. And, if you have the time, hop over to our discord at to talk about the game.

REGULAR UPDATE POSTED Sun, June 18 V. 2.64New features for 6/18/2023 Hello BrVRers! All kinds of new stuff today! Did tons of optimization changes Level 0, Level 1, Level 3, Level 4, Level 7, Level 8, Level 20, Level 23, Level 26, Level 27, Level 28, Level 31, Level 2Two, Level FUN, Level The End, Devrooms, Level 1020, Level 201, and Level -4 have all gotten sizeable optimization. This comes from LODs for meshes, distance culling, less complex materials, taking out some objects and entities that are causing spikes, and other optimization methods too numerous to name here. Added a BNTG base to level 2 Added BNTG Base Railway, a base with a main hallway branching into two separate large rooms. The rooms have scattered props and furniture, and were just thrown together by the BNTG crew around their rail system in the area. Added a secret partygoer sound (1-500 chance) This noise was cut (with permission) from one of our playtester's videos of them singing a song. At the end, a "Hee Hee" is heard. So, the natural thing to do is make an easter egg out of it. Revamped level 37 Level 37 got a glow-up with all new landscaping, better quality plants, and some other features. Jerry is much slower, so he won't spawnkill you, and the entire level has been optimized. Revamped level FUN's lighting Level FUN is darker and less saturated in color now, with better optimization to boot. A few less partygoers though, there are 7 instead of the previous 14. Better Beverly Room and Boiler Room The Beverly Room now has new trims on the walls and a new wall blocking access to the elevators, the boiler room has new machines and pipes as well. Also, there have been some subtle changes to the rest of level 5 like new wallpaper and trims. Made some changes to Quarter Life Small UX changes like the skin reactor button lighting up, and some bug fixes like the water not being solid in Skin Complex. Added pipe noises to level 2 Some water-rushing-through-pipes noises has been added to many of the pipes in level 2 near spawn. Added more filing cabinets and windows to level 4 Self-explanatory Bye BrVRers! A Level 19 revamp is on the way along with a ton of other goodies, so stay tuned! *cough* infinite generation *cough*

REGULAR UPDATE POSTED Sun, June 11 V. 2.63New features for 6/11/23 Hello BrVRers! Today is one of the larger updates lately. Lots of cool stuff! - Revamped the MEG base on level 1 The MEG base is hugely redone! It's much more office-like, the office actually look somewhat like real-world offices. The way into the barracks has been redone, the entrance has been redone, and there are many, many more props. - Revamped the pitfalls The pitfalls are completely redone to include a new section under the pitfalls inspired by a certain *cough * video. There's a small level 0-esque area followed by an enclosed neighborhood area, all ending in some smaller hallways that lead to the exit. - Added Quarter-life, a minigame Of all of our features, this one has GOT to be the most original. Once you enter the marked arcade machine in level 3999, you will be teleported to backrooms mesa research facility. The map is named anomalous skin, if that tells you anything. There are skin-stealers working everywhere, and you make your way to the skin chamber after becoming Mr. Skinman by using a chrome skin-stealer suit. You can activate the skin reactor and something goes horribly wrong which causes the entire backrooms mesa facility to start deteriorating. There are fires everywhere, and you make your way back down to a storage area. Then, you can go into an office and that's where the minigame ends. Totally not inspired by anything, I promise. Very original. - Added new pipes to level 2 and 3 The new pipe models give a more sci-fi look to the levels. They're more abundant in level 2 for sure, but there are a couple in level 3. Level 3 also has some new rubble. - Many other small changes More walls, different walls, other kinds of stuff. - Revamped many aspects of level 1 Lights flicker better, more props in the darker hallways and alternate back areas, and some other small changes for level 1. That's all for today. Big shout out to our discord member KiloGram for all of his wonderful level feedback!

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