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Huge weekly updates is what we do

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

We love being able to bring our players new levels, features, items, entities, easter eggs, fan art and so much more every single week. Whether we are pushing a VR or PC Mode update you should always be checking back for what is new in BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality. I was asked to start posting John's awesome DevLog updates from STEAM on the website so I thought I would post all of the version 2.o changelogs so you can see just how far the game has come in such a short amount of time! Big thanks to all our fam on the Discord for all the bug finds, suggestions, and a great community. You are all vitally important to this project. See what is new every Saturday at 2pm EST as we show what we are working on with 2 hours of live playtesting with the devs on our YouTube Channel

REGULAR UPDATEPOSTED Fri, February 24 Version 2.48New Features for 2/24/2023 Hello BrVRers! Since we're gearing up for release I will start doing more detailed changelogs for each update. A ton of excellent features today! Redid level 9 to be an upgraded and optimized version of the old one. Level 9 is back to its former glory. I've redone the old level 9, adding better sidewalks, highways, Newton's Realtor company, and a silly easter egg! In addition to this, it's optimized much better than the old one. Added more areas to level FUN A couple of new rooms to spice level FUN up. The entity count has also increased by 3, adding to the danger of the level. The largest change is that the door to the level FUN minigames has been moved back further, meaning it isn't a straight shot there any longer. Added a "Remap Jump" option that swaps the jump and short hop button Do you feel like you'd rather have the short hop as your primary jump and get rid of the crouch jump? Well, now that's a menu option! This can help in tense situations like Level RUN where you have to time your jumps. Gun sounds revamp The Double barrel shotgun, gatekeeper, aks74u, and 1911 have better sounds. They make these weapons feel better to use. Not only this but there is some improved haptics for some weapons. Added a new arena mode that uses a tech tree This is major! In this mode you start with two revolvers, upgrading your equipment each wave while increasingly varied and difficult-to-defeat hordes of entities try to stop your roll. You can buy guns, grenades, and powerups VIA a tech tree screen. Try to survive for as long as you can! Do note that this will receive updates in the future, adding even more variety and also some different music. Added the skin cube, a tasty consumable We were installing bots to our discord server, and one of them had a customizable shop. So, I made a "skin cube" item. Then I put it in the game. This tasty consumable can be cooked on a hibachi grill or eaten raw. It also comes in tubs like Royal Rations, even tastier! Stop by the old skin-stealer's home on level 3 to get some. Revamped the Menu UI It looks flatter now, and more streamlined. Plus, it uses a newer font! Don't worry, the functionality has been kept the same. Revamped the survival difficulty signs The hub is one of the places that people visit most. So, I prettied up the survival difficulty signs. They now look like a TV with info instead of a glowy plaque. Also, there's a dead-zone class for some levels which are inhospitable. Skin stealers and false facelings can now have their heads dismembered if you do enough damage to their head GORE! Of course, this is disabled if you don't have blood on. But still, if you're accurate you can explode their heads off! It does require a precise shot and some practice. Also, it doesn't do any more damage. Updated the 1911 slide to be less annoying to pull A WIP for sure, but it's better now. I'm currently trying to port over the Deagle script to the 1911 slide, and I can't get the grab points right which results in the weirdness. Should be completely fixed soon. Reduced bounciness of the avatar Less bouncy = Less janky. It still isn't completely de-bounced, but we're on our way to removing any jank with the locomotion. Improved Hound's breath Hound's breath will now create actual fire effects upon impact with a wall or entity. This can make traveling through tight corridors tough though, as you can set fire to a hallway that you'd need to pass through. This makes hound's breath a tradeoff. Added more recoil to the M4 Shotgun, and decreased the fire rate It was too OP, so we had to nerf it. It may seem less snappy now, but it's still a good choice for your arena mode loadout. This shotgun also feels great with hound's breath, especially so when you take into account the changes above. Added another Chaz'z Gunz N Suppliez location to level 11 Glory to CGNS, says the owner, Chaze, on our discord server. This location doesn't sell as much as the one on level 4, but it does sell torches which no other store sells. Added Holden's Anxiety relief to level 94's indoor playground Level 94 is a relaxing level, and what could be better than getting your sanity restored with concentrated almond water, or wearing a special blue headache-reducing headband? You can buy those for backrooms bucks at Holden's Anxiety relief. Added smokestacks to level 24's factory buildings Purple guy's plastics are producing smoke, and it needs somewhere to go. Pretty self-explanatory. Added physical asparagus to Smiley's Asparagus Shop More produce to liven your day up! Although where the asparagus comes from is unknown, it is speculated to be grown by Grimnee's Electronics and Tech in the frontrooms. It is rumored that half comes from farms in the baltic, whereas half comes from the beautiful African Sahel. Just a theory, an asparatheory. Improved the Short Hop It's now one impulse applied instead of two, so it feels more fluid. Also, it's less overpowered as using an energy drink won't give you as much of an advantage while using a short hop. Improved lighting on level 5 Just some slight touchups and adjustments, nothing major. It may look a bit better in some areas. Some color adjustments as well Moved the VHS filter to the graphics settings Pretty self-explanatory, why it was in gameplay this whole time I'm not sure. The highlight color is now Yellow instead of Red Fixed some hand-hold issues with the BAR It won't pull the charging handle immediately after you put in the mag! This makes reloading with the BAR much more fluid. Now only if I had a bipod that did something... AND MANY SMALL CHANGES What's to come? You can check that out here: We also take suggestions on our discord here: Over there we like to have FUN =), you can even get a shop in-game like the ones mentioned today (no real money) Alright, see you guys in a few days! Bye. MORE ABOUT THIS GAME

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Fri, February 17 V. 2.47 Sorry for the long wait, we had some hard drive issues but we're back! -Added 3 more sublevels to level REDACTED -Added more walls to the fake reality -Added level 31: Roller Rink -Added some ambient noise to level 6 -Added the Buzti enterprises secret base to the Terror Hotel Casino -Added a mount to the top of the Desert Eagle -Revamped many of level REDACTED's Sublevels -Edited cloud textures to be more calm -Made the border walls of level 16 invisible -Seal flex expands faster -Fixed an issue with the 1911 top color -Fixed some minor specularity issues with text -Reduced the distance that the wrist communicator has to be to the face to activate -Improved the Laser Gun -Improved some terrain on level 24 -Improved the lighting on level 18 -Improved haptics on the Gatekeeper -Removed remaining winter decor from level 11 -Made keycards pullable

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Thu, February 9 V. 2.46 -Added more props to the neon city in level 201 -Added more particles to level 27 -Added some more props and background scenery to level 94 -Added the Desert Eagle, a powerful pistol -Added many new small areas to level 0 -Added a new entity: The beast of Level 5 -Added the MK3, a WW1-era Bolt-action rifle -Added a new menu option to help with pulling the bolt back on the new rifle -Added a floaty easter egg to level 11 -Added more products to chaz'z gunz n suppliez on level 4 -Added an advertisement inside Guns n Optics n Ammo -Level 7 fishes now have an airhorn reaction -Improved the general feel of level 8 and added some new areas -Improved the collision of kelp -Improved LOD's on bottled lightning -Air horns now have an adapter that allows them to work underwater, otherwise they don't make any noise and produce bubbles. -Scuba thrusters are now slower but produce bubbles -You can now short hop on index -You can now fast forward the radio by holding the button -Fixed LODS for level keys -Fixed some floating grass on level 10 -Fixed a culling issue with partygoers -Fixed an issue with grab points on the M4 Shotgun -When hallucinations are off, watcher entities will now delete themselves

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Fri, February 3 V. 2.45 -Added level 27: Bunker springs -Changed the lighting and post-processing in the hub -Added more signs to the hub -Added bolt animations to the AK weapons -Added a siren pole to level 94 -Added a new room to level 233 -Added a new potion that befriends entities, but they don't fight for you. It can be brewed using a magic block -Added hallucinations to level 41 -Added chaz'z gunz n suppliez to level 4 -Added the lighter entity to levels 2 and 9 -Made a new mesh for the level negative 5 bomber's bombs -Made better lighting in the bntg storage room on level 3 -Made some changes to the layout of the hive -Increased the damage of the revolver -Vastly reduced stretching on the female avatar -Improved level run dash run's visuals -Improved bullet impact VFX -Improved the bow by increasing the flexibility of the arrow in the bow -Improved grenade launcher explosion VFX -Improved the gatekeeper shotgun to be more like the 870 -Changed the skin-stealer's stolen skin texture -Changed the game icon -Changed level !-! to have much better lighting -Fixed a minor visual glitch in level ! -Fixed a generation bug on level 297 -Adjusted climbing to be smoother -Adjusted lighting on level 0 -There's now a particle near dullers -Decreased the health of crates -Changed the game icon -Level 0's lights now have more attenuation -Redid the partyroom signage on level FUN -Removed the red button from the flashlight -Varied level 71's generation -Resized the trading kiosks to be more compact

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Mon, January 30 V. 2.43.1 -Many bug fixes, that's why there's a patch -You can now flip the wheel on the revolver when there are shells in it -You can flip the sawn-off double barrel shotgun when there are two shells in it to close the gun -Added a new room to infinite arena, the workshop -Randomized the start room of level 0

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Sun, January 29 V. 2.43 -Completely Revamped level 94 -Added the China Lake grenade launcher -Added a new entity: elusive windows. They drain more sanity, have a black figure behind them, and will teleport when shot -Added paths to level 14 and upgraded the graphics -Added rice crispy treats, a tasty food item only found in the frontrooms sadly -Added more props to level 571's entrance in level 17 -Added an infinitely generated arena map -You can now grab mags out of all 3 ak guns -Fixed a wrongly displayed bottle in level 13's bartending minigame -Redid level 0 dark -Redid the snow particles -Made seal flex grabbable -Made skee ball easier -Scuba thrusters now only work on level 7 -Shooting the window entities will make their lights go out -Improved the stair collision on Newton's Realtor building -Improved the general lighting on level 1020 -Aligned the lights in Level 0 Sandbox -Changed the 1911 firing noise -Removed the bipod from the BAR -The gatekeeper's capacity is now 4 + one in the chamber -The correct sized shells come out of the BAR -Heavily optimized the poolrooms and devrooms -You now hold shotgun shells differently -Adjusted the 1911's slide -The m10's material is now more beat-up -The G28's fire rate has been increased slightly

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Tue, January 24 V. 2.42 -Added level 571: A twisted hospital with 5 parts (Requested by SherlockBuzti) -Added the 870: a new shotgun -Added the 870 short: the 870 but only has a 4 round capacity -Added the Val: A new Russian assault rifle -Added the AKS74U: Another new Russian assault rifle -Added more terrain variation to level negative 5 -Added many new doors to the sandbox hub, like the arena and killhouse doors -Added all weapons to the killhouse -Added the wikidot picture room to level 15 -Added an overall score to the arena mode: the formula for calculating it is (kills * time) + (extra score * 2) -Added a scenic shooting range to level 39 -Added balloon guns to the arena mode -Skee ball in level 40 now works correctly -Replaced the sound for knocking on doors in level run -Made better handholds to magazines -Updated the Gun Store -Updated some weapon locations in levels -Made a better landscape on level 24 Why did we skip a version? I don't know either. I just happened to have a build already called 2.41 and decided to go for 2.42 instead.

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Fri, January 20 V. 2.40 -Added doors in level run that entities can spawn from -Added a start room to level RUN -Added a spawn types menu to the arena modes which allows you to pick and choose what entities you want to fight -Redid the landscape of the hive and added a massive cave to the end of it -Added a new entity: Hound rider. He doesn't appear in the main game but is in arena and in a capsule -Added more foliage on level negative 5 -Added a tutorial for the ammo maker -Added more props to the dark halls arena mode -Added more props to the metro -Put a better landscape material on level negative 5 -Hid the joke levels in other levels and removed them from the hub -Improved backrooms items only mode. Now when you boot up the game on backrooms items only mode, you will be sent to a no-firearms version of the tutorial -improved the "killed by" to now include all entities -If you press the menu button you will now open the notebook -When you die, the screen now fades to red and you can see your corpse. Pressing the trigger or button will allow you to respawn -Minor bug fixes

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Sun, January 15 V. 2.39 Thank you for a great 6 months on Steam! Much love. -Added some new areas to level 41 -Level RUN is now easier and less janky -Some jump scares have been improved -Added some more haptics to guns and items -Added some more props to the Buzti enterprises training course -Added lootable cabinets -Added an objective to the dark halls arena mode, you now have to put meat into a machine -Added a kills counter to the arena mode -Added an entrance to level 201, a tape marked MACH+ that when played sends you to 201 -Some small adjustments to level 1020 -Increased recoil on some weapons and completely redid the way that recoil is applied. It is now more of a torque than an impulse and it should get rid of most jitter while shooting. -Made a better ammo maker, you can now make many different types of ammo. -Made a clamber/dash jump, press on the right stick to activate -Revamped Level 1one -Level2two now has more exits -Bug fixes, including a game-breaking one with level 9 -Altered the erase data button to delete ALL progress. You now have to restart the game for it to take effect. -The useless valve in level 1 has been replaced with a lever that controls level 41's water level

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Thu, January 12 V. 2.38 - Added level 1020, a Russian town with corrupted outskirts - Added an extended mags option in the menu that unlocks once you pick up an extended mag. If it's on, it will spawn extended mags for the m11, 1911 and PPSh-41 in the ammo pouch instead of the normal ones - The PPSh and 1911 can jam when using extended magazines - The Thompson will now jam - Made some materials better on weapon - Graphically redid the Poolrooms - Added a new entity: Reviooks, arms that come out of the ground - Added a new model for C4 and a new model for the phone - C4 can now be activated by pressing the screen on the phone attached to the explosives - Increased the health of the megagoer, it's 300 instead of 50 - Made the Rageroom vases breakable - Added some small bases to levels 0 and 4 - Made the post-processing in level 7 better - Added some corrupted buildings to level 11, that's where the entrance to level 1020 is - Compressed many textures in the game to free up disk space, more of this will come soon - Fixed some collision issues with level 201 - Fixed a bug with the store-bought pump shotgun - Added a button to the flashlight Thanks for all the support, BrVR family! We've really come a long way. On the 15th is our 6 month anniversary on Steam! MORE ABOUT THIS GAME

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Fri, January 6 V. 2.37 -Added level 201, it currently has no entrance except for the sandbox hub but one will be added soon -Added a better frontrooms vault -Added a new Entity: Binary Fish -Added a scope attachment -Added a new Arena Map with tighter corridors -Added back the Computers in The End and Level 3 -Added a pump shotgun -Added a tracers option to see your bullets -Added some more props to the "backroom" joke level -Added a gun store for the frontrooms -Added more ammo and weapons to outposts -Fixed the direction of some turnstyles in the subway entrances -Removed a lot of ammo and ambient weapons from levels -Restructured the first few levels to incentivize the use of outposts as supply caches MORE ABOUT THIS GAME

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Sat, December 31, 2022 V. 2.36 -Added The Metro, a train station with multiple stops -Added some new lore -Added Seal Flex and Seal Flex Clear -Added Srooc Light -Added MEG missions -Added The notebook -Added more shadows to the tutorial -Added many areas to level 25 -Added knife impact decals -Added a days counter -Added many more attachment points to weapons -Removed ammo in the Arena (due to infinite ammo) -Completely redid the DevRooms -Prevented softlocks doing bounties -Fixed a couple bugs -Added a ball drop to level 11 for the new year (it'll trigger at midnight or it already triggered in europe lol)

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Tue, December 27, 2022 V. 2.35 -Added a new Weapon: Sawn-Off Shotgun -Added a new Weapon: Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher -Added Extended Magazines for M11 -Added a new Variant to the Mac-11 -Revamped Level Negative 5 -Revamped The Whiteout -Adjusted the Non Sawn-Off Double Barrel Shotgun -Buckshot deals less Damage but fires more pellets -Drawers are now lootable in Level 5 -A Ladder has been placed in Level 233 to help with Platforming -Added a New Pyroil texture -Small Spider Ragdolls don't go through the Floor anymore -Headshots deal 5x more damage -Adjusted the Flashlight -Arena Mode now has infinite ammo -Adjusted the position of entity cam on some enemies -Adjusted the position of the BAR, Tommy Gun and Double Barrel Shotgun in Slots -Added armed wretches with ar4's -Many Bug Fixes

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Tue, December 20, 2022 V. 2.34 - Added a new weapon: The Browning Automatic Rifle - Added a new weapon: 1928 Thompson Submachine gun - Added a new level: Level 297, a capsule hotel - Made some improvements to level negative 5 - Added a new entity: T34 Tanks - Added some more "forklift jockey" enemies - Added interpolation to many weapons - Standardized the arena weapons layout - Fixed many bugs - Made some hitbox changes on the flamethrower and fast food - Added jamming for the Browning Gun, it may get into other guns soon - Increased bullet drop on some guns Have a fun time with the new update!

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Wed, December 14, 2022 V. 2.33 It may not be the largest update, but some cool stuff is being added today! We've been working on the game non-stop for a while now, so we're going to go on a small ski trip for 2 days. It may delay the release of the next update, but after that we should be back on track. - Added a new sublevel of level 94: Indoor playground - Added a new sublevel of level 94: Dreamcore Scene - Added a new menu option: No jumpscare mode - Added a new menu option: VHS filter - Partially redid the level fun minigames - Added a new entity: Megagoer (Large, beastly partygoer) - Hounds now have a 1/10 chance to jump at you when they get near. Shoot them with a ranged weapon first! - Made some small changes with weapons - Added a new entity: forklift jockey Hope you enjoy the update!

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Fri, December 9, 2022 V. 2.32 V. 2.32 is here, and the snow has hit level 11 and the frontrooms. Happy holidays! - Added actual working pins to the grenades - Added 2 new menu options: one to reduce/increase hunger depletion, and another to reduce/increase sanity depletion - Added another new menu option to slow down time when you're low health - Added another new menu option to automatically regenerate health - Improved audio in levels 1, 8, and 41 - Improved the BNTG trader's vault (lighting, post processing, geometry, etc.) - Added many details to the path leading up to the trader's vault - All partygoers now wear santa hats - Snow has fallen in the frontrooms and level 11 - Improved two hand holding of the M4 shotgun - Added a new arena map based on level 10 Hope you enjoy the new update!

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Mon, December 5, 2022 V. 2.31.1 A quick patch! - Fixed many issues with level 10's Malt Town - Fixed a strange visual issue with the frontrooms city - Added a continuous scanner to the exit radar

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Sun, December 4, 2022 V. 2.31 After almost losing the game's files, we're back with another regular update! This is the last update before most levels get covered with snow for the Christmas season, so savor the warm temperatures of level 11 while you can. - Added Level 28, The Stormstone Keep - Added the Frontrooms City - Added the PPSH-41 submachine gun - Added the exit radar: a way to find no-clip-a-matic doors - Added a new arena map: Level 7 theme - Added milk: a very epic drinkable - Added a shop in the frontrooms: Fresh Furniture - Added a shop in the frontrooms: Grimnee Electronics and Tech - Fixed a bug with bottled lightning force grabbing - Fixed an environment gap in level 5 - Fixed an issue with gas cylinders - Nerfed the suitcase That's all for today, bye!

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Sun, November 27, 2022 V. 2.30 Big update today! First, the cooking-related changes: - Added a new item: Royal Rations, a refreshing gelatinous treat - Added a new item: Hound Meat Stew, a favorite by many in the backrooms - Added a new item: Food Scraps, some leftovers from the BNTG and others - Added a new item: Fruit containers, used to store all of level 10's crops - Added a new item: Forks, a way to eat new treats - Added a new item: Bowls, a replacement for forks - Added a new item: Liquid pain soup, people figured out how to make a good soup out of liquid pain - Redid the visuals of the brewer - Adding an eating delay for fruits to stop from eating everything at once - Added many of the new items into various levels, especially the snackrooms Now for some other additions and changes: - Added level 233: A poolrooms mallcore version - Added level 41: The sewers - Made many changes with the double-barrel shotgun - Added a difficulty meter to the arena mode and organized it better - Added a new arena map themed after level 2, Pipe Dreams - Added a new radio backrooms broadcast - Added some randomly generated entities on levels 3, 5, 9, and 13 - Added a shooting range to the killshack map That's all for this update. Hope you enjoy it!

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Mon, November 21, 2022 V. 2.29 - Added an endless arena mode to the hub. It's functional right now but will receive new content in the near future - Added a button to the liquid brewer and made some minor visual tweaks - You can now brew different types of almond water depending on how many almonds you put in - Added a new gun: Double barrel shotgun - Made some minor adjustments to the weapons room of the tutorial - Added some almond water to the skin-stealer factory area - Removed the seated mode in favor of a less janky method - Made some adjustments with bullet placement inside magazines

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Wed, November 16, 2022 V. 2.28 Huge update today! I've tried to polish out a lot of jank in this update, while still keeping some fun new content to play with. BTW the best way you can support the game is to leave a good review! Leave us your thoughts, it helps a ton to us at no price to you - Added a new section to the end of level Run - Added many decorations to level 974 and adjusted the lighting - Added many details to level Run-Dash-Run - The tutorial has been organized and updated (WIP, the tutorial may receive many changes in the future) - Added the Rage Rooms: A fun way to get out stress - Added Sandbox Entity Capsules for some entities that didn't have them previously - You can't spam-fire the G28 anymore - Added some audio to scarabacks - Added many new clip-o-matic preview images (more to come) - The hands as present in the menu are more high quality - Fixed many issues with reloading and generally streamlined the process of reloading - Fixed issues with the shells of the G28 - Improved the balloon gun with new audio, better mass, better attachment, more balloon colors, better scaling, and the automatic deletion of "ghost balloons" when an entity dies - The entities in the tutorial will respawn now - You can now brew pyroil with almond water (hint: put it in your flamethrower or squirt gun) - You can now see the shells physically inside the shotgun when you use the charging handle - Decreased the size of the hitbox for the black goop in level 3 - Made some lighting adjustments in level 2 - For any weapons that don't already have this, the mags will now show up as empty correctly, with bullets in them if they're full and no bullets if they're empty Hope you enjoy the update! Have fun as always.

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Sun, November 13, 2022 V. 2.27 - Fixed a very funny bug: bird noises would play if you were low sanity, that's fixed - Redid a ton of the interior for level 188 - Added new sections to level 2 - Added some new sandbox entity cylinders - Added a buff when holding melee weapons - Fixed some spawnkilling with hounds in level 8 - Made a few small lighting adjustments on level 0 - Added a parking lot to level 33 - Redid the color scheme on level 33 - Added some secrets to the disclaimer screen - Added some new AI generated art to many levels Hope you enjoy the new update! Bye! M

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Thu, November 10, 2022 V. 2.26 Hello. Just got a major menu bug fixed! - Fixed the menu cutting out/glitching entirely - Added custom radio audio, just go to the gear icon in steam, browse local files -> BrVR117 -> Content -> Movies and replace TestVideo.mp4 with another video containing the audio you want to play. Make sure it's named TestVideo.mp4 and then go into the game, switch to the custom audio channel on the radio and it should play it! Note that volumes are slightly broken currently, it might come in super loud or silent. - Made various improvements to the frontrooms, including adding a window - Fixed an issue with attachments - Fixed an issue with the AK-47 - Fixed an issue with the level 62 deer shooting minigame - Fixed some environment gaps in level 33 - Fixed a fairly funny typo: I called the .357 a ".347" in the tutorial - The Sandbox gun palette + cursor is improved - Added some more area to level 188 - If you light the tip of an axe on fire it will now turn into a flaming axe that sets entities ablaze - Lighting is rebuilt on level 20 making transitions between differently-lit sections of the map better That's all. The menu bug was affecting level 0 so I wanted to fix it as soon as I could. Have a fun time being the best shot in the backrooms!

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Tue, November 8, 2022 V. 2.25 This should be the last of the quick patches...sorry - Apparently there was a random conveyor belt on level 0, that's gone - Added rails: Put them on guns to put other attachments on them - Re-Added the laser sight: A new attachment - New item: Screwdriver. It'll remove attachments from a gun - Messed with the suppressor sounds a bit - Added more almond trees and red ringed trees to level 39 - Added a sniper range to level 39 - Added a few secret targets to the killshack, you'll get extra points for hitting them - Fixed a bug with the new time gun - Re-lit and fixed some structural issues with the tutorial - Removed a janky animation on the 1911 - Increased the fire rate of the AK-74 - Level negative 5 has more foliage and bumps in the landscape - Fixed a bug with the grenade launcher Sorry the update doesn't have much new :| really just wanted to get that conveyor belt gone.

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Sun, November 6, 2022 V. 2.24.2 Small Patch once again! Sorry for all the patches, however there was a game-breaking bug with level negative 8 that needed to get fixed. Here are some other changes - Added a new event to level negative 5 - Added a variant of the 1911 with a different color - Added some new signs for companies - Fixed the water shader on level negative 5 - Made the secret b e e f gloves look like b e e f instead of a gory glove - There is now a notification when you get close to an achievement trigger

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Sat, November 5, 2022 V. 2.24.1 A patch for a grenade launcher bug.

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Sat, November 5, 2022 V. 2.24 - Added a new item: High-powered squirt gun - Added a new item: High-powered air horn - Added a new item: High-powered torch - Added a new item: High-powered climb tool - Added a new item: High-powered party gun - Added a new level: Level 39, a serene forest - Redecorated level 974 - Added a new shop: Man's Melees to level 94 - Added a new shop: Kirbo's Wealth management to level 4 - Relighted level negative 1 - Removed the stamina bar (I hate it) - Did many adjustments to level 3999 - Greatly improved generation on later level redacted sublevels - Added a new sublevel to level redacted - Shorted the dreaded long hallway on level redacted - Added tons of new posters and pictures to level 25 - Level 10 is back to it's old self, halloween is over :( - Fixed tons of bugs with weapons MORE ABOUT THIS GAME

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Sat, October 29, 2022 V. 2.23.1 Small Patch! - Fixed a bug with the revolver's animation - Fixed a bug with Cabin Building - Redid level 974 - Added a new mechanic: Smelting. Turn steel into small ingots with a furnace - The Ammo Maker on level 1 now takes ingots instead of steel - Yes, it's true, we added even more rooms to level 26 - Replaced the table near the Death Wheel on level 18 - Varied the generation more on level 22 That's it for this small patch. See you next time!

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Fri, October 28, 2022 V. 2.23 - Added lanterns to the game, a convenient light source - Added a new gun: the grenade launcher - Added new rocks to level 8 - Revamped level 22 - Revamped level negative 6 - Added some more complex weapons mechanics - Added a build-your-own cabin to level 11 (it may move in the near future) - Added a new build-your-own fire pit to level 10 - Improved level fun and partygoers - Added a new room to level 2 with a cinematic for it (not going to spoil it here) - Added a new soundtrack to level 26 - Added new rooms, doors, and furniture to level 26 Hope you enjoy the new update!

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Mon, October 24, 2022 V. 2.22Finally the flicker issue FIXED! Surprise update! I didn't think I'd be putting an update out today, but I fixed a bug with anti-aliasing (the dreaded right-eye flicker) and thought I'd get a patch out ASAP. Here are some other changes I made during the last few days: - Totally redid level 24 - Added a cookie-clicker style minigame to level 24 where you can hire skin-stealers to make plastic for you - Added level negative 8: A minecart ride with a dark ending - The maps that were previously located in the level 0 sandbox are now in the hub - Improved flow in the killshack - Vastly improved the fanrooms - Added a new entity: Animations, cartoonish creatures that come out at night - Added a new entity: The tall shadow, that stalks you, blacks out your screen, and then kills you - Added some new sandbox entity cylinders Sorry for the short changelog. I tried to cram as much as I could into this update and still patch this issue in a timely manner. Hope you enjoy the features, and have fun being the best shot in the backrooms.

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Wed, October 19, 2022 V. 2.21 I've been occupied with other things lately but wanted to make some really quality content for this update. Sorry it took so long. - Completely Redid The End to be more like the wikidot and fandom - Added Starflare's Laser adventure to level 40, and a new lobby - Added new doors - Added the Buzti Enterprises Training Course to level 5 - Made the crane minigame on level 20 better, there's a new lever - Added a Hazmat suit to The Endless Ending pt.2 - Removed the Skybox on The Endless Ending pt.3 - Added many new wallpaper variations in houses on levels 9 and 11 - Added new tapes for levels 10-13 - Fixed the sandbox pallette not working, and if it's still not working there's now an option in the menu to open the pallette from there and select what you need - Added a new in-game achievement - Added instructions for the deer shooting minigame on level 62 - Redid the fake reality (it's not a carbon copy of old level 9 any longer) - Your stamina runs out slightly slower Hope you enjoy the update! Bye.

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Thu, October 13, 2022 V. 2.20.1 Fixed a bug with Virtual Desktop stuttering. Also added a minigame to level 62

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Wed, October 12, 2022 V. 2.20 - Added level 9223372036854775807, an end-game challenge you unlock by completing level 998 - Added the killhouse, a new sandbox level with a wooden target practice course - Fixed most lag on the Poolrooms - Added more "content" to level negative level 4 - Added an event to level negative 1 - Added more doors to level 26 - Added level 9.1: the "crimson forest" - Added a new "tactical flashlight" model - Added new audio to the Tutorial map - The Revolver now supports the ammo holster - Fixed/adjusted some post-processing - Fixed an issue with sandbox mode level unlocks Hope you enjoy the new update, sorry there isn't any more blue lobster. Bye!

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Fri, October 7, 2022 V. 2.19 Sorry for the delays but I've been working on a complete overhaul of the enemy AI recently. It'll be gradually rolled out and this will be the first step. A ton of firearm-related changes, so have fun shooting up some entities! - Added a new entity: Deer, animals that you can hunt on level 62 (there's a sniper rifle in the closet) - Revamped level 62 - Added a new entity: Facelings with guns. They'll shoot at you if you shoot at them. - Added a new entity: Skin-stealers with swords. Like the facelings, they won't attack unless provoked - Added sandbox cylinders: A collectable that will unlock items in sandbox mode - New models for the laser sight (it's now a red dot) and the suppressor which can go on any firearm now (except the AK-74, I forgor that one) - You can now hold the 1911 with two hands - Improved the audio and magazine of the G28 - You can now quickly reload any firearm be waving the new mag close to the one in the gun (the AK is special because it has an ejection button you hit with the mag) - Level 2 is greatly expanded and the lighting looks much better - Added a back-alley to level 5 that leads to the suites and has a dining room and storage area - Added a new room to level 3 because why not? - The flashlight is a bit dimmer and the light is in more of a "circle" shape now - Added next test , a place to try out new AI mechanics - Added even more blu lober, you people can't get enough of that! - The ammo counter for the revolver is on the side of the gun now - New particle effects for firesalt grenades - The shotgun charging lever is animated now - You can't eject shells from a revolver using the button anymore. Use the ejector rod instead - You can shoot yourself now (epic feature) - New music in the tutorial Hope you enjoy the new update, have fun out there and don't forget to marinate your skin-stealer meat before you eat it! Bye.

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Sun, October 2, 2022 V. 2.18 - Added a new gun: the revolver - Added ammo crates, you guessed it, a way to get more ammo - Added a shield, a way to lessen entity damage - Fixed a bug with energy drinks not working - Fixed a bug with a chase scene in level 0 - Added some fun balloons to level 0 =) - Added some more carpet patches to level 5 - Level 13 is much spookier now, the level event is darker - Levels 14, 15, 19, and 2 now have more notes lying around - Smilers can be damaged be turning your flashlight on and off in their face and are slower - Notes are now grabbable - Moved the frontrooms mirror into the shop room Hope you enjoy the update. Have fun out there being the best shot in the backrooms! Bye.

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Wed, September 28, 2022 V. 2.17 This update will most likely go unnoticed due to Bonelab, so for the few people still reading, I commend you. Either way, there's still some great features! - An Avatar/glove mesh changer in the frontrooms shop area. - Added a Hazmat suit man as an avatar - Added a currently unnamed female person as an avatar - All the lights on level 0 have been changed according to a new ceiling - Level Negative 6 got many adjustments, the level looks WAY better - New Melee weapons: A mace, sword, three new daggers, and a spear. - Added a polygonal faceling to level 11 - Added a false faceling to level 11 - Added two new adult facelings to level 11 - Redid some of the tutorial - Shotgun shells are now held better. - Added more BLUE LOBER! It'll never get old! - Added some white windows on level 0 Stare into them please - Fixed some bugs with the backpack Alright goodbye, hope you enjoy the update ;) there will probably be some bugs, so be sure to report them on our discord server here! Stay safe, bye.

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Sat, September 24, 2022 V. 2.16.1 This is a quick fix for a backpack bug with level saving.

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Fri, September 23, 2022 V. 2.16 BIG UPDATE! btw I'm trying to be a little more...humorous in the devlogs, as if the last one wasn't an indication. - Added the backpack, a six-item storage solution that sits between your normal back slots - Reskinned the laser gun and added a "power" meter on the side - The terror hotel casino has an entity infested entrance area a grand marquee entrance - Polished many levels considerably, in ways like adding new logos to the shops with pretty corny taglines - Revamped level 10 completely to be a more spooky theme for Halloween (Gluff's got drip- I promise) - Added blu lober, no seriously, if you can find him he's yours - New entity: the windows. They are a huge threat to sanity on some levels and if you get caught between two of them it's hard to recover xd - Added more vending machines - Added much better carpet to level 5 (in the beverly room mainly) - The guitar in level 11 now uses a trigger press to change chords. You can actually play music now! - Added 3 more bumpers to the radio. Thanks GetChill for the Voice Work! - Because you are an absolute sinner for killing frowner, the punishment is now to get sent to level ! (dark ver.) - Added more "weight" to the Fireaxe and crowbar (hint: hold the axe closer to the blade) - Fixed a bad inventory bug with the hub "stealing" your items - More small changes, tweaks, bug fixes, and... wait What about that "secret" part of level 0? I think something changed Either way, goodbye folks! Hope you enjoy the update, I've been working on it for a while now, getting all the mechanics for it worked out. M

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Sun, September 18, 2022 V. 2.15 2.15 is here! - Added "Level data saving" (highly experimental), a way to save > Entity locations > Shack/house locations > Spray paint > Some item locations - Added vending machines, a cool way to obtain m u n c h i e s - The snackrooms has been greatly expanded - A bug has been fixed with ultimate almond water - Added a "cimkin" skin to the glove in the glove skins shop - Added floor and ceiling trims for the light green corridors of level 5 - Fixed a bug with the level 1 collectable picture - Added many logos to businesses - Added the promised land a sus red tile >:) - Almond trees now grow back almonds - Mogus drip Go sub on YT because the number of levels > the number of people making the game XD Hope ya' enjoy.

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Thu, September 15, 2022 HOTFIX Fixed bugs with level 1 and the glove skin shop

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Thu, September 15, 2022 2.14 - Added rare weapon variations, more coming soon - Added a BNTG faction - Your items will be branded based on the faction you're in - Made some better lighting on The Hub - Added a small shop with glove skins (note that there is a known issue with a floating gun in the glove skins shop that will be fixed immediately) - Added a "Sandwich" to the frontrooms - Did many small tweaks and fixes

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Sun, September 11, 2022 2.13 - Added ammo creation in level 1 - Added brick and steel mining - Added Bartending in level 13 - Levels 1, 3 and 37 aren't as laggy - The new level 9 is much better - buffed some entities - Level negative 6 is expanded - Level 998 gets darker as you go out - More entities on level 37

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Mon, September 5, 2022 2.12 - Completely redid level 20 - Added a crane minigame to level 20 - Eliminated lag in several areas - Added level 71: the entrance to the shady grey - Added over 20 more ambiences to the game - Added 5 new sublevels to level redacted - The new liquids now have their own effects in the squirt gun - The squirt gun now has a rapid-fire mode - Some levels are now generated - Opened the cameramen cimkin shop - Added some facelings to level 11 - Fixed many bugs

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Mon, August 29, 2022 V. 2.11 - New squirt gun, climbing tool, flashlight, and red light gun models - New charging handles on the BM-4, HK, and Mac-11 - New gun: AK-74 - New section to level 5: including the Originals and The Lost Hall Society - New liquids - New item: Disinfectant - New decorations - Five new achievements

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Wed, August 24, 2022 V. 2.10.2 - Added a new voiceover to skin or no skin - Level 5 has many improvements - The shotgun has more improvements as well including a new silencer - The cimkin rooms shop is opening! - Many new clip-a-matic pictures were added - Did some work to the leadup for the casino

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Tue, August 23, 2022 V. 2.10 - The ammo counter/holster has been polished considerably - Levels 2, 3, and 5 have gotten a major revamp - Level 5's casino has been moved - Level 1 now has a shed where you can craft ammo - Level 9 should be less laggy - On level 37 Jerry shouldn't spawn-kill you - Many other small details, bug fixes, and changes. Note: A reported grenade bug has not been fixed yet. Sorry if your hand is getting stuck after pressing the trigger, throwing it, and then catching it before it explodes. If this happens, try to grab another object.

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Wed, August 17, 2022 V. 2.9 - Added an ammo holster to your chest - Added a new crowbar - Added a tape recorder - Fixed a game-breaking bug with save data - Added more normal maps to walls so levels look better - You can now become an M.E.G. member at base alpha on level 1 - Small crates are now closed by default - The shotgun is new - The mac-11's have been updated

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Thu, August 11, 2022 V. 2.8 - Revamped level 0 with new ambience, stains, outlets, computers, and other stuff - New Terror Hotel Casino sounds - Made some improvements to the 1911 - Added a few new entrances - Added a more robust inventory system that keeps items in your slots - Fixed some more bugs

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Sun, August 7, 2022 V. 2.7 - New weapon: 1911 with silencers and tactical flashlights - New sublevel: 11.1 - Added 2 new secret levels: The cimkin rooms and the meg cylinder rooms - Added a new sublevel to level redacted and considerably improved the previous ones - Fixes many bugs as posted on the discord - Buffed the shotgun slightly - The mac-11 now holds 32 ammo instead of 40 - Other small changes and improvements

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Fri, August 5, 2022 V. 2.6 - Added level [REDACTED] beta, the downrooms - Added a roller rink to level 3999 - Added more entrances - The whiteout got some adjustments - Added more ambient noises - Optimized some levels like dark level fun

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Mon, August 1, 2022 V. 2.5.2 - Fixed some bugs with the faceling animation - Put an amogus shield on the sus door - Pushed the horde further back in level !-! - Dark level fun isn't as dark - Fixed lag with arcade machines

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Sun, July 31, 2022 V. 2.5 - Removed the child faceling due to requests and replaced her with a new faceling - Added level 3999: The arcade (3) - Nerfed the clump wheel - Fixed some bugs with grass in level 16 - Added blastoff grenades: They send you to the moon! - Added frowners: Smilers but kind - Moved the door on level ! - Fixed an issue with crashing on level9dark

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Sun, July 31, 2022 V. 2.4.1 - Fixed some more lag - Added entrances to 3 levels - Added Cyan and Yellow to the spray can - The Clump on the Clump Wheel is called "Clumpty Dumpty" - Added a voiceover to skin or no skin - Improved LOD's on wood Level 3999 is coming soon, guys! Thanks for the support.

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Sat, July 30, 2022 V. 2.4 - Fixed some lag - Fixed a bug with level 7's walls - Got some grass off the windmill in level 16 - Added a "feed the clump" option to the clump wheel on level 5 - Opened the frontrooms fridge - Made the ladder longer in level 188 Sorry for the small update, I'm working on a bigger one :)

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Tue, July 26, 2022 V. 2.3 - Added sharks and angler fishes to level 7 - Changed exits in level 2 dark - Fixed a bug with level 188's waterslide - Fixed some bugs with level saving - Fixed some typos - Added smaller cat cubes to the catrooms - Redid level 974 - The hive is darker - More ambient noises - Levels 1, 4, 8, and 11 got spray paint cans - Fixed some bugs with the air horn

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Sun, July 24, 2022 V. 2.2.2 (Cool Number) - Fixed some bugs with doors in the hub - Added a door to level negative 4 in level negative 1 - Fixed a bug in level 188

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Sat, July 23, 2022 V. 2.2.1 - The Hub is now locked down! - Added the Hive - Added Baby king spiders to level 8 - Added rubble to level 2 - Fixed some bugs

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Fri, July 22, 2022 V. 2.2 - Added Air horns, a fun way to stun entities - Added Backrooms items only mode, and half items half entities mode - Added Bananas, a new fruit - Added Dark level fun, a secret - Level ! has been made harder - Level !-! has also been made harder - Added pitfalls, a spooky secret - Ragdoll physics has been improved - The Party gun got nerfed, taking 7 balloons to kill instead of 5 - Firesalt controls have been improved - Level 18's rocket speed has been turned down - Fixed a glitch with hovering traps - Skin or no skin has new audio - New ambient noises - Fixed a bug with a wall in level 480 - Fixed a bug with items picked up in the tutorial saving incorrectly - Thrusters have been buffed - Fixed a bug where you could no-clip out of bounds with a shotgun - Changed some text in the tutorial - The Level 0.2 demolishion event lasts longer - A fire extinguisher has been removed from level negative 1 - The backrooms radio station is less laggy - Many new names have been added to the wall - The second achievements wall now displays how many kiosks you've bought from - Crowbars can now open certain vents

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Wed, July 20, 2022 Update back! Nice!

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Wed, July 20, 2022 UPDATE REVERSION We're reverting back to 2.0.1 because of some game-breaking issues with projectiles.

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Tue, July 19, 2022 V. 2.1 - Added level 94: some rolling hills - Added Radio Backrooms Studio - Added mice to level 1 - Level 3 has new jumpscares - Added an FOJ outpost to level 3 - Added functional computers to the end - Made level run longer - Level fun is completely revamped - Added bumpers to the radios - The Memory Worms in level 2 dark are faster - Fixed many bugs

SMALL UPDATE / PATCH NOTESPOSTED Fri, July 15, 2022 V. 2.0.1 - Added Bobbleheads, a fun collectable - Fixed some bugs with level fun shading - Fixed the jumpscares on level !-! - Added 6 new in game achievements - Fixed some floating water on level 37 - Entities now eat the meat when you befriend them - I like hounds

MAJOR UPDATEPOSTED Fri, July 15, 2022 Version 2.0! Version 2.0 is out! We're releasing on steam today, so an update was in order. Here's the new features: - The sh4dy gr3y has been revamped, including more entities and a new sublevel: Th3 3nd - Grab pulls and inventory sounds have been worked on, making the game feel faster and more satisfying - There are 18 new achievements - Skin or no skin has instructions now - There's a light to illuminate the pile of flashlights in the boiler room on level 17 - A glitch has been fixed with the radio decrementing your sanity - There are timers at the end of level run and level run dash run - In adition, level run dash run has been expanded - Clump power incorperated on level 1 dark has been reworked - An annoying table on level 5 has been moved - The large fire can light pyroil molotov cocktails - The mangled's death is improved - You can't grab the smiler in the sandbox anymore due to issues it causes with hand scale - Axe and knife combat has been improved - You can store Sh4dy Gr3y clocks and pyroil molotov cocktail cloths in your inventory now - The range of deathmoths has been decreased - Crafting recipes are present near some crafting tables - The radio now says how to change the channel - There is a new level added to the entities minigame in level fun - Level 5's jumpscares are more hidden now - There is a new winning screen on the terror hotel casino slots - Flamethrowers now carry 20 fire streams instead of 40 - Added ambience to some levels - Some more general improvements and bug fixes

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