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Hardware Issues Don't Stop Us

When you are a two person indie team, you ARE the IT department. We had some down time to refresh ourselves on how to troubleshoot BSOD issues and Hard drive failures, maybe even a shorted USB slot and we still got a ton done. Here is John's DevLog for 2.49.

Fri, March 3 V. 2.49New features for 3/3/2023

V. 2.49 is here! After some hard drive issues, we're back. So, here are the patch notes! Combined the flashlight and laser into one attachment A better model, made by david7s on, plus double the power! You can press on the attachment with your index finger when it's on a weapon to cycle modes. You can have the flashlight on, the laser on, or both. Expanded and improved level 26 Still a work in progress, but level 26 has many more lights now. Also, the concrete rooms have been expanded and there are more entities in the level overall to fit the "entity infestation" classification on the wikidot. New gun sounds The revolver now has a new firing sound, and the 870 has a new pump + firing sound! This makes them much more satisfying to shoot. Tech tree tutorial Self-explanatory, tech tree arena mode now has a tutorial. Also, the buttons highlight themselves when they are buyable. Level 17 new area Start looking around and you'll eventually find a new area, a warehouse-like area. There's also a rare firearm in there, all the more reason to explore it. Some interesting and suspicious boxes in there too... Level 19 new areas Level 19 has gotten an upgrade. Instead of it being a straight shot to the exit, it now has many ways to the exit, including a reviook "minefield". Level 19 also has gotten a few new large rooms with many hanging lights. New no-clip-a-matic doors New door pictures for levels 27, 28, 31, 41, 201, 233. 297, 571, 1020, arena, and fanrooms New decals Thanks to Bidofut, we have a new decal for level fun. Beedo is the cute lil guy depicted in the decal. This has also been added to the fanrooms. Added a variant of the gatekeeper with a stock We had the model laying around and decided to put it in, pretty much the same as the regular gatekeeper except for hand positions. Added cloth simulation to the mac-11 Mac-11's on the floor won't have this, but as soon as you pick them up, the cloth will always point downwards. AND MANY SMALL CHANGES What's to come? You can check that out here: We also take suggestions on our discord here: Over there we like to have FUN =), you can even get a shop in-game like the ones mentioned today (no real money) Sorry for the limited scope of the update. Our hard drives would not work, and the PC containing our game and derived data wouldn't boot for 3 days. We're back now though; hopefully, that was the last of our issues. See you in a few days!!

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