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BrVR The Backrooms VR Update

If you haven't been following along catch up here. The levels are shaping up nicely and my favorite to work on so far is level 37. It has Mountains to climb, zip lines to cross, a broken-down bridge you have to traverse by climbing and swinging on ropes. There are plenty of jump scares and did I mention Clumps that actually reach out and grab you? It's truly the scariest backrooms we have played so far and I can't wait to release these levels so we can get some feedback. It's hard to actually get work done when all you want to do is play the level. A huge shoutout to my man John for the amazing integration, scripting, and engineering work he has been doing. He has been hard at work putting together our AI enemy framework, and his work on the procedural levels is amazing to watch. Crazy Santa was just us having some fun for the holidays. We hope you enjoy this little Alpha preview of Level 37.

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