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BrVR Backrooms VR Gets Another Huge Update

John is just crushing it again. Taking bugs and suggestions from the Discord and turning them into Virtual Reality is what he loves to do. Then push it to the community asap. This is actually last weeks update. I can't keep up! I'll post the new one tomorrow. Redid crafting

There are now over 10 different crafting materials, all able to be stored in an ammo pouch-like system. These materials now show up on the crafting table UI and crafting is simply a button press. Much more fluid and much better than the old system. Also, it is more polished in many areas.

Added crafting material drops in many levels

You will now see crafting materials in many levels such as 2, 3, 9, 20, and others. Those levels I've listed are hotspots, but many crafting materials are available in other levels too.

Added brass knuckles + dagger

No, they aren't two separate items. You can now craft brass knuckles that have a dagger attached already, and it is much more powerful than the standard ones.

Added brick on a stick

It's literally a brick affixed to a fire axe handle. It does a good bit of damage and has a large hitbox. It even allows you to do ledge clambering, similar to the game "Getting Over it". However, it is also very heavy and unwieldy.

Added scrap gun

A single shot 7.62x51 rifle made out of assorted metal and screws. It is relatively simple though, once you put the bullet in the slide automatically goes forward and once you shoot it automatically thrusts back, ejecting the round.

Added scrap gun auto

A 9mm version of the gun above. It also fires from an open bolt and is very unwieldy. It is very similar to the Mac-11 SMG.

Added scrap flashlight

A flashlight with very bad efficiency and a scrappy appearance. The battery wears out twice as fast compared to the normal flashlight.

Added scrap crowbar

It's a plain, grey crowbar but with a knife affixed to the curved end for extra damage. Also has a very large damage hitbox compared the the normal crowbar.

Added punching

Ever found yourself in a really sticky situation and you didn't bring adequate weaponry? Maybe that longsword is just out of reach? Well, now you can just punch the entity! Note that punching does very little damage and is generally only a last-ditch "defense". Suggested by Gatchi13 on discord.

Fixed a weird bug with head gore

While facelings played their scream animation, it turns out that if their head exploded they would bug out instead of dying properly. This is fixed.

Added sideways recoil to Mac-11

This simple changes increases the SMG's spread without being too terribly obtrusive. It also reduces the long-range potential of the weapon.

Rebalanced certain stashes

Some stashes have loot added/removed from them compared to when they were first added.

Added physical bolt release to m4a1

A fun feature for realism. Now, once you're done firing the bolt will lock open just like on the real gun, and you can press the bolt release to send the bolt flying forward, picking up another round. Alternatively, you can just pull the charging handle.

Changed magazines for m4a1, ak47, aks74u to all have 30 rounds


Made the mk3 bolt more accurate to irl

The bolt handle moves now, but the piece behind it now remains at a net 0 rotation.

Made the killshack mini range longer

I've made it longer, added walls on both sides, and staggered the targets so that you can do some longer-range shots!

Removed assault rifles from levels

Many AK-47's and M4A1's have been removed from levels. As we've always said, we're constantly shaping the game to lean less on piles of guns and more on bought/crafted/scavenged guns. Pro tip: if you want an AK-47, then your best bet is to go to Shadow Tactics on level 1's BNTG base.

Simplified ammo pouch

Small change, the ammo pouch now counts ammo in terms of small and large ammo compared to how it was originally (it counted every magazine separately). This is really big for me, so I can add things to the ammo pouch system without excess hassle. This also effects ammo making, so you can craft small and large ammo now. This does not effect shotguns or grenade launchers, and you will continue to be able to use all of the shells you love.

Blued Russian ammo correctly

Russian ammunition (7.62x25, 7.62x39, 5.45x39) was not correctly colored. This is fixed, giving the rounds a greenish hue with more orange lead. Buy it now on STEAM

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