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BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality: Recent Devlog Highlights

Welcome to our latest blog post, where we summarize the exciting updates and additions from our recent devlogs on STEAM for BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality. We've been working hard to enhance the gameplay experience, introduce new features, and revamp various aspects of the game. Let's dive into the details of the last five devlogs and explore what's in store for BrVRers!

V. 2.63 - New Features for 6/11/23: This update brings several significant changes to BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality. Here's a quick overview:

  1. Revamped the MEG base on level 1: The MEG base has received a complete overhaul, making it resemble real-world offices. The entrance, barracks, and props have been redesigned to enhance immersion and visual aesthetics.

  2. Redesigned the pitfalls: The pitfalls now feature a new section inspired by a certain video, with an area reminiscent of level 0 and an enclosed neighborhood area. The updated design leads to smaller hallways that guide players to the exit.

  3. Introduced "Quarter-life" minigame: Players can now enter the marked arcade machine in level 3999 to be teleported to the backrooms mesa research facility. Experience a "familiar" storyline as you navigate through the facility, encounter skin-stealers, activate the skin reactor, and face the consequences of a catastrophic event. This unique minigame promises an engaging experience.

  4. Added new pipes to level 2 and 3: To create a more futuristic ambiance, new pipe models have been introduced in levels 2 and 3. Additionally, level 3 has undergone improvements with new rubble.

  5. Various other small changes: Numerous minor tweaks have been made, such as the addition of more walls, different wall types, and other miscellaneous elements, further enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Revamped aspects of level 1: Lighting effects have been improved, and additional props have been added to the darker hallways and alternate back areas of level 1, elevating the immersion and atmosphere of the gameplay.

Special mention: We would like to express our gratitude to KiloGram, one of our dedicated Discord members, for providing valuable level feedback that has contributed to these updates.

V. 2.62.1 - Bug Fix and Computer Overhaul in The End: This update primarily focuses on fixing a bug and enhancing the computer systems in The End. The bug causing players to get stuck inside a cupboard upon entering the frontrooms has been resolved. Furthermore, the computer systems have undergone an overhaul, ensuring smoother gameplay and improved visual appeal.

V. 2.62 - New Features for 6/1/2023: In this update, we address a particular bug while introducing exciting additions to the game. Here's what you can expect:

  1. Introducing Crate keys: Players can now find Crate keys scattered throughout the lower levels. These keys unlock the orange and blue crates and can be discovered in obscure places or purchased from specific locations.

  2. Level 11 prop enhancements: Level 11 has received a significant prop upgrade, including the addition of dumpsters, streetlights, trash bins, newspaper dispensers, mailboxes, fences, gates, corrugated fences, caution barriers, barrels, street barriers, and more. The render distance for some buildings has also been slightly increased.

  3. Improved shelves in level 4: To enhance convenience and intuitiveness, the shelves within chaze's guns and supplies now have props indicating the purpose of the kiosk on each shelf.

  4. M1 garand bolt functionality: Players can now interact with the M1 garand bolt regardless of its open state, allowing for smoother gameplay.

V. 2.61 - New Features for 5/28/2023: This update introduces several noteworthy additions to BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality. Let's explore them:

  1. New disclaimer screen: A new disclaimer screen provides players with five options on a piece of paper, allowing them to choose whether to enable entities, hallucinations, firearms, avatars, or blood. Additionally, this update introduces a pen item, while the secret area behind the wall remains intact.

  2. Brightened level 0: Level 0 has received significant lighting improvements, creating a brighter and more visually appealing environment. The addition of more lights throughout the level has greatly enhanced the overall visibility and ambiance.

  3. Introducing level7dark: Level 7 dark has been completely redesigned, featuring increased red fog and a higher density of entities. This challenging level tests players' abilities as visibility decreases the deeper they venture. It culminates in a maze-like section with the menacing presence of the entity on level 7.

  4. New rooms in level 33: Level 33 now boasts additional rooms reminiscent of GM_Mallparking, accompanied by a revamped parking lot area with added details, such as pipes on the ceiling and improved screen space ambient occlusion.

  5. Various improvements and additions: The elevator map has been enhanced with improved reflections, geometry, and correct aspect ratio of the mirror. The double barrel shotgun now offers an alternate fire mode, allowing players to fire both barrels simultaneously. Recoil has been reduced for both the long and sawn-off variants. Level 0's spawn point has been randomized with three possible locations, and walls in the starting area are now randomized for increased variation. Additionally, the flashlight has been buffed by 25%, enhancing its brightness and throw distance.

V. 2.60 - New Features for 5/21/2023: In this smaller update, we've made some notable improvements to the game. Here's what's included:

  1. New music in level 21: Level 21 now features slow, plodding ballroom music, similar to the ambiance in level 5. The volume decreases as players move farther away from the starting room, adding to the atmospheric experience.

  2. New music in level 571 part 4: Level 571's fourth part now features music with a similar choppiness to the arena mode, perfectly complementing the strange vibe of this level.

  3. Optimization and improved mipmaps in the frontrooms: To enhance performance and framerates, mipmaps for various textures, including pictures, wooden floor textures, and appliances, have been improved. Additional mesh optimizations have been made, resulting in smoother gameplay.

  4. Enhanced props in the siderooms: The siderooms now feature additional props, including crates, palettes, barrels, and stacks of junk. Furthermore, the low-quality door mesh has been replaced with a higher-quality one, enhancing the visual fidelity.

  5. Brightened dark areas of level 40: The dark areas in level 40 have been lightened to create a more engaging and liminal space experience. While not playable, this area adds to the overall atmosphere and ambiance of the level.

Conclusion: These recent devlogs highlight the dedication and innovation of our team at BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality. We are committed to continuously improving the gameplay experience, introducing new features, and refining various aspects of the game. We hope you enjoy the latest updates, and we look forward to sharing more exciting news with our passionate BrVRers in the future.

Stay tuned for further updates and remember to explore the ever-expanding backrooms with caution!

(Note: The above summary is a fictional representation and does not include all details from the devlogs. It provides an overview of the main updates and changes mentioned in the given information.)Our new Undead shooter Bread Or Dead is now open for playtesting on STEAM.

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