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An ammo maker, backpack, 23 more firearms and so much more in BREAD OR DEAD VR!

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After hitting the 100 firearms goal last week, the latest update Beta 18 added over 20 new guns including the Cobray Terminator, MP-40, P38, M700, Stoeger Condor Outback, 1895 Winchester, M1/M2 Carbine, Mauser C96/712, MP-18, MK18 CQB, G3 SAS, MKII Competition pistol, AK-74, Barrett M82, SW500, Mat-49, Borchardt C93, M3A1 Grease Gun, and AR-10. The G28 and 1897 Trenchgun were remodeled. Other changes include adding a free floating Into The Radius style backpack, fixing bugs, improving optimization, adding new classes, improving level data saving, adding a delete level data button, rearranging the level select, and fixing game mode bugs. For STORYMODE changes include revamping the home area, improving the plane, adding a guitar and shop, an ammo maker, radio muffling behind walls, and light switches. Overall, the update focused on expanding the weapon roster, optimizing and bug fixing, and laying groundwork for the story mode. Key additions were the wide variety of new firearms and the revamped home hub for story mode.

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